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How to look relaxed on your wedding day

"I don't like my photo taken", say 9 out of 10 grooms. Some brides too, but not as many.

So how do we feel relaxed in our wedding photos and look like we are having a great time? After all this is it, this is the day you have to look like a couple of super models ;-)

That is where I come in. I have to be relaxed too. I have to create a chill vibe and a fun experience for you both. When you have done well over 1,200 weddings there is nothing you have not seen or handled. So I'm not nervous, in fact I'm having fun. I love wedding photography. Lets have s few jokes, some silly banter and watch the nerves fade away. You see, when you are having fun the smiles are real and your photos are more natural.

Are there poses that help? You bet there are. My favourite is walking. If a coupe are standing holding hands its OK, but they can look stiff. Get them walking and wow the energy changes and the smiles and connection are far better.

Walking always relaxes the smiles
Relaxed wedding photography

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